Science of Addiction & Addiction as a Disease: The Medical Model

Registration deadline September 23rd Description: In this seminar we will discuss Substance Use Disorders on the level of brain chemistry and cellular mechanisms. We will discuss how the brain’s natural adaptive strategies, helpful in the rest of our lives, are hijacked by problematic substance use such that addiction results. Additionally, the idea of “disease” will […]

Motivational Interviewing: A sprit of communication and an effective approach to the process of change


Registration deadline: September 30, 2021 Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a collaborative, goal-oriented evidence-based approach of communication with particular attention to individualized language of change. This half-day webinar will explore the spirit, processes, and strategies of motivational interviewing that can lead to client movement toward effective transformation. Emphasized will be the strengthening of personal motivation for, […]

Ethics for the Addiction Professional

Friday October 15, 2021   9:00 am – 4:30 pm EDT Registration deadline: October 8, 2021 Maximum 50 people Online/Zoom It can be shocking to consider what some professionals and allied service providers consider ethical and appropriate thoughts to have and behaviors to engage in.  Ethics is something we have to breathe in and out every day we are […]

Integrating Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders: Myths, Realities and Effective Approaches to Care


Registration deadline: October 18, 2021 This half-day webinar is a skill-based training that focuses on understanding, referring, and treating individuals who have co-occurring disorders. This webinar outlines the many myths related to mental illness treatment, barriers to effective care of co-occurring disorders, commonly encountered mental disorders, DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, issues surrounding medication management, and coordination […]

Clinical Supervision: An Overview of Functions, Processes and Methodology


Effective clinical supervision is a mutual endeavor of clinical oversight and professional growth.  It is a process that conceptualizes learning for the counselor that involves much more than monitoring a counselor’s work. This one-day webinar will demonstrate the processes of supervision that make it an essential component in effective clinical care. Areas of focus include: […]


Registration deadline: 11/3/21 Online/Zoom Heather is a family and addiction medicine physician who practices at community health centers of Burlington.  She will give 3 1-hour lectures with breaks on how common substances of abuse and the medications we use to treat use disorders affect brain chemistry. Agenda 9:00am Welcome & Introductions 9:05am Introduction to neuropsychology […]

Principals of Harm Reduction    

Registration deadline December 2nd Trainer: Christopher Bondi MD has spent the bulk of his career working with patients in the fields of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.  He has worked in both inpatient and outpatient SUD treatment environments, as well as in teaching hospitals in Vermont and the Midwest.   For the past several years, Dr. Bondi […]